With us you get a fast, efficient and off course affordable solution to your design needs. For LogoTrak no job is too small, we treat all our clients with the same courtesy and professionalism. What we are is reflected in every logo, mini-site or website we design pure professionalism. Every of our final product is a format that can be directly utilized, for printing, to be utilized in other materials or for the internet. You get a finished product.



This standard format is usually used for import and export of PostScript files. It can contain text, graphics and images and is more versatile file format.
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BMP or Bitmap format is a standard format of Windows which represents graphic images as bitmapped images. It is also known as raster or paint images made of individual dots or pixels that are arranged to develop a picture. Increasing the size of the image also increases the pixels. This file format can be used in wide variety of software applications.
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As we know edit ability of an image is very important these days. PSD format is a great way to keep the full information as well as image editing option. Files in this format can be opened in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for editing.


These formats are the most commonly used over the internet. JPEG supports the small size of image while preserving the high quality and the GIF supports the transparency of the image as well as animation.
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Tagged Image File Format and EPS are the most widely accepted formats for the commercial printing because of the good color support. TIFF files support RGB and CMYK color models for easy printing. Transparent areas can be indicated by saving the clipping paths with the TIFF images.
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This format is original work saved in the illustrator format and is ideal for the printed items and it can also be edited at any time as per the requirements. Apart from above mentioned file formats you will also get fonts that we would use in the design just to enhance the print and reproduction ability.